Week 9 – Classroom Management

Goals: Explore parent-teacher relationships for the purposes of classroom management. Explore strategies to building and maintaining positive relationships with parents.

Links: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/20-tips-developing-positive-relationships-parents-elena-aguilar


Specific Information:

Strategies for positive relationships:

  • Smile when you see parents!
  • Learn their names.
  • Declare your intentions.
  • Communicate often and in a variety of forms
  • Make a positive phone call home
  • Lead with good news
  • Find a translator
  • Don’t assume
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Listen to parents
  • Smile at the child
  • Invite parents to share
  • Let parents know they can help
  • Be specific
  • Be a broker for resources
  • Explain your instructional decisions
  • Invite parents to participate in making decisions
  • Thank parents
  • Share every success
  • Invite parents to celebrate

Communication Roadblocks:

  • fear
  • assumptions
  • disdain

Build your relationships before you need them.


The two resources are useful for teachers trying to establish positive relationships with parents. They deal with the problems that teachers might face when talking with parents and give strategies on how to be effective. The tips are general but become more focused, and allow teachers to relate to the strategies for easy integration. I personally found these useful as I know how difficult it can be to involve parents and to engage with them on a deeper level. Involving parents is useful for classroom management; if you have the support and understanding of the parents behind you, students are more likely to behave positively and become active members of the classroom. Students whose parents are enthusiastic about their education perform better overall. These resources fulfilled the goals I had for the week, and were better than others I looked at because they were easy to navigate and understand. The resources focused on how to build relationships instead of simply pushing the importance of these relationships.



Week 7 – Classroom Technology

Learning Goals

Goal One: To find ways to integrate technology and facilitate participation of information sharing through the curriculum to improve student achievement.

Goal Two: Learn, use, and take advantage of instructional technologies as devices of teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Goal Three: To develop a list of resources to provide each student with a challenging and relevant learning environment as a way to better help each child learn at their own pace.

Goal Four: To learn to use and take advantage of technology for the communication between teachers and other professionals in order to share resources.

Resource Three: www.pinterest.com/classroom-technology-blogs/

Reasons Behind My Resources

By searching Pinterest, a never-ending blog site, you can find thousands of apps ranging from teaching you how to develop a technology-based classroom to apps for connecting with parents to presentation technology tools for kids and teachers. By simply searching key words or specific titles, you will find yourself in a wonder of information that can answer any problem.



The Helpfulness of the Above Resources

Pinterest is a great way for students, teachers, and parents to find resources on educational technology that is both free and user friendly that can assist in learning. Products range from educational apps, games, to learning how to read or how to manage a classroom. Through Pinterest, you can send both private messages and tag students/co-workers/parents to share links between one another. Pinterest can be used as a collaborative app between students and teachers, can assist in the development of lesson plans, and is a never-ending book of learning networks between teachers.