Week 9 – Student Engagement

Learning Goal: To create interesting lessons and related activities that will encourage discussions, debates, movement and further engagement both in the classroom at home.

Link: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/fliperentiated-instruction-create-customizable-classroom-joe-hirsch

Specific Resource:

Differentiated instruction is noted for, among other features, flexible groupings, scaffolded content, diverse instruction, and student choice. It challenges teachers to be more responsive to each student’s readiness, learning style, and prior knowledge. A differentiated classroom resembles a chamber orchestra, with different students playing different notes at different times, as their teacher conducts their learning simultaneously.”

“The stubborn part about differentiation, of course, is trying to synchronize the learning of an entire class in which not every student learns or does the same thing at the same time. Here is where flipped learning can provide a lifeline. By moving some of the entry-level learning goals outside of the classroom — largely (but not exclusively) through self-paced, scored video instruction — teachers can mobilize their students in “right size” learning activities immediately upon arrival. These live classroom activities (ranging from small groups to partnerships to direct instruction) draw upon and build out the content studied in the individual learning space (perhaps the night before at home). In effect, students first explore their learning on a single, self-guided path, but then navigate, with others, a map of interlocking trails to discover their ultimate destination.”


In my opinion the overall goal of enhancing student engagement is to find effective ways to reach every student in your classroom. Differentiated instruction and flipping the classroom could be an effective strategy in accomplishing all of the learning goals that I have noted over the duration of the course. This particular resource caught my eye because I personally believe it accomplishes all of my learning goals. This resource will help me meet my final learning goal because it provides instruction on how to ‘flipperentiate’ the classroom which I believe will enhance student engagement and retention. This resource along with the resource from week eight will create a student engagement centered learning tactic and help me create lessons that provide the opportunity to discuss, debate, engage and move in the classroom. From this resource, to become a better teacher what is left is to learn how to create activities and lesson plans that will make this strategy as effective and interesting as possible.

– Katrina