Week 9 – Classroom Technology

Learning Goals

Goal One: To find ways to integrate technology and facilitate participation of information sharing through the curriculum to improve student achievement.

Goal Two: Learn, use, and take advantage of instructional technologies as devices of teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Goal Three: To develop a list of resources to provide each student with a challenging and relevant learning environment as a way to better help each child learn at their own pace.

Goal Four: To learn to use and take advantage of technology for the communication between teachers and other professionals in order to share resources.

Resource Four: www.khanacademy.org

Reasons Behind My Resources

Khan academy is a free website that’s sole focus is providing world-class education for anyone anywhere. On this site, both students and teachers can make use of their library of content that includes challenges, assessments, and videos on certain subjects and grades. More importantly, teachers are able to watch and learn about what their students are doing on Khan Academy; we found that this ability was very rare amongst websites for students learning.



The Helpfulness of the Above Resources

Khan Academy is a perfect resource to develop the goal of providing each student with a challenging, relevant, high level learning environment in a way that they can learn at their own pace. Through Kahn Academy, students can work at their own pace but teachers are also able to keep an eye on them by using it as a collaborative app between the teacher and student. Khan Academy is an instructional technology that can be added to one’s personal learning network to teach a variety of subjects.



Week 5 – Instructional Strategies

Goal: The goal is to learn different strategies for teaching from active learning to discussion strategies to games/simulations and more.

Resource: www.pedagogy.merlot.org

What is Merlot Pedagogy?

Merlot Pedagogy Portal is a website that has been designed to help teachers learn about the different varieties of instructional strategies that can be applied in the classroom. The site contains links to various teaching strategies that can be applied to different disciplines of teaching. Along with teaching strategies, the site also contains information on course instructional design, teaching challenges, assessment, and understanding how learning works in order to better teach students.

Why is Merlot Pedagogy Helpful?

Merlot Pedagogy is helpful for teachers because of all the information and links it provides. The site has a large list of links users can use to find other outside websites that can help them with their specific need or instructional strategy. Merlot Pedagogy provides links to websites that contain information on various strategies such as active learning, critical thinking, problem-based learning, and many more. Teachers can use Merlot Pedagogy as a gateway to more websites that can help them with whatever difficulty they are facing in the classroom.