Week 9 – Instructional Strategies

Goal: The goal is to learn instructional strategies that incorporates the online resource(s), creating a new and more diverse lesson plan. Using the online resource(s), lessons must be designed in different ways in order to incorporate learning and teaching resources.

Resource: Webinars (web-based seminars)

What Are Webinars?
Webinars, or web-based seminars, are online interactive presentations, seminars, workshops, or lectures. They are transmitted over the Internet using video conferencing software. Unlike webcasts, webinars have the key feature of interactive elements in which there is the ability to give, receive, and discuss information within the lecture, seminar, etc.

How Are Webinars Useful to Teachers and the Classroom?
Webinars are very useful in a classroom as it allows for a different style of teaching. This style is used in the flipped classroom concept that is becoming more and more popular in classrooms. Webinars allow for teachers to give a lesson or even an activity or workshop over the Internet yet still be able to interact with his or her students should any students have questions or comments.  Webinars provide a system in which the lesson is given outside of the classroom and the assignments and assessments are more directly dealt with in the classroom with more time for the teacher to help his or her students. Webinars also allow for students to go back to previous lessons, lectures, or assignments should they need extra help, clarification, review, or are learning at a slower pace than their peers, as it is well known that all students learn differently.



Week 8 – Instructional Strategies

Goal: The goal is for teachers to learn how to create lesson plans for various grades and subjects using an online resource.

Resource: www.discoveryeducation.com

What is Discovery Education?

Discovery Education is an educational website that includes an entire ‘lesson plan library’ where people have posted videos of lesson plans that can be used by other teachers. The videos give virtual lessons on various subjects and can be helpful to teachers who are attempting to create their lesson plans.

Why is Discovery Education Helpful?

Discovery Education is helpful because it shows lessons in a virtual way that allows teachers to see how to teach a certain grade and/or subject. The videos provide help to teachers who need to know how to make a lesson plan for all the grades and subjects such as science, geography, history, and many others. The site is easily accessible to the public and, as such, teachers who find they need the help.


Week 7 – Instructional Strategies

Goal: The goal is to have a resource that can help teachers create their lesson plans as well as help teachers create and use videos with their students as a part of the classroom.

Resource: www.knowmia.com

What is Knowmia?

Knowmia is a website and resource app that provides videos for teachers on lesson planning. The videos are posted under pen names by other teachers and cover lessons on various topics, everything from English to art history to different math topics and even languages. There are also videos that show teachers how videos can be used in the classroom and with the students as a part of the lesson and activities.

Why is Knowmia Useful?

Knowmia is useful because it provides helpful videos to teachers that can help them create their own lesson plans. Lesson plans can be difficult and challenging especially for new teachers and these videos give advice, examples, and help to struggling teachers. The video lessons can also be used as they are by teachers who find it extra difficult to create a lesson for any topic.


Week 5 – Instructional Strategies

Goal: The goal is to learn different strategies for teaching from active learning to discussion strategies to games/simulations and more.

Resource: www.pedagogy.merlot.org

What is Merlot Pedagogy?

Merlot Pedagogy Portal is a website that has been designed to help teachers learn about the different varieties of instructional strategies that can be applied in the classroom. The site contains links to various teaching strategies that can be applied to different disciplines of teaching. Along with teaching strategies, the site also contains information on course instructional design, teaching challenges, assessment, and understanding how learning works in order to better teach students.

Why is Merlot Pedagogy Helpful?

Merlot Pedagogy is helpful for teachers because of all the information and links it provides. The site has a large list of links users can use to find other outside websites that can help them with their specific need or instructional strategy. Merlot Pedagogy provides links to websites that contain information on various strategies such as active learning, critical thinking, problem-based learning, and many more. Teachers can use Merlot Pedagogy as a gateway to more websites that can help them with whatever difficulty they are facing in the classroom.


Week 3 – Instructional Strategies

Goal: The goal is to learn instructional strategies that incorporates the online resource(s), creating a new and more diverse lesson plan.

Resource: www.teachertube.com

What Is TeacherTube?

Like Youtube, TeacherTube allows teachers to post videos online that are accessible to the public. These videos vary from advice on teaching to creating lesson plans to assessment ideas to popular worldwide stories that can be incorporated into lessons and more. Videos are posted under pen names and available for public viewing, targeted at other teachers.

Why is TeacherTube Useful?

TeacherTube is a useful website for teachers for various reasons. New teachers can use the posted videos as ideas and help for preparing their own classroom and lessons should they find themselves in need of help. Teachers can even use the videos in their own classroom (giving credit to the one who created and posted the video) as examples for assignments and help with lessons if they find their students are having a difficult time grasping the subject matter. This website can also be used by teachers in a flipped learning setting or just as a resource in which they video their lessons or test/exam reviews or anything else and then post the videos on the site for students to access later on if needed.


Week 1 – Introductions

What is a Personal Learning Network? A PLN is an informal network of resources that teachers can draw from for the purposes of Professional Development. It allows teachers to engage in self-directed development, to learn about issues that are important to them and their classrooms. The resources for teachers are endless, especially with the sharing capacity of the internet. Teachers can draw from the following to expand their PLNs:

  • Social networking
  • Micro-blogging
  • Professional profiles
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Readers
  • Nings
  • Social bookmarking
  • Weebly
  • Lesson and lesson plan resources
  • Webinars
  • Online portfolios
  • Education sites and blogs

Through this blog, we the authors will share our resources with you in the hopes of expanding the network for new teachers. We encourage you to share your resources, comment and question, and become better teachers. This blog will focus on four general areas of education:

  • Instructional strategies and lesson design
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Enhancing student engagement
  • Classroom management

-Katrina, Kelly, Hali, Deidra