Week 8 – Classroom Management

Goals: Explore different styles of classroom arrangements. Explore how different audiences and education styles affect classroom arrangements.

Links: http://www.brighthubeducation.com/classroom-management/5097-classroom-arrangement-styles/


Specific Information:

The first link outlines the four basic principles for classroom arrangement: decrease obstructions, teachers need to see all students, accessibility of commonly used materials, and making sure students can see what they need to see. It outlines the pros and cons of four styles of classroom arrangements. The second source uses visuals to explain different arrangements and their usefulness for different audiences and educational needs.

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I found that these two resources were extremely useful in understanding classroom arrangements. As a further analysis from last week, I looked into desk arrangements. I learned that there are many different ways to organize a classroom, and that what you decide to do can affect how you teach and how your students learn. Both resources gave positive and negative reviews for the styles, which allow educators to fully comprehend the arrangements and how to integrate them into their classrooms. These resources fulfilled the goals for the week and gave me a really good understanding of how arranging the classroom contributes to classroom management. Through these resources any teacher is able to adapt their classroom to the needs of their students and to suit their educational style, which does in fact change depending on the lesson.



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