Week 7 – Classroom Management

Goals: Explore classroom arrangement in general terms and the effects on classroom management. Learn tips and strategies for classroom arrangement.

Links: http://www.readingrockets.org/article/classroom-arrangement


Specific Information:

Don’t be afraid to change your classroom, but don’t change it TOO OFTEN. Maintain the same seating arrangement throughout a unit. Try the teacher’s desk in the back. Minimize teacher personal effects in the classroom. Will you display student work? Where and how? Utilize bulletin boards and shelving to your advantage! Sometimes technologies or furniture cannot be moved, so make sure you plan your classroom around these things!


The first resource is useful as it gives some general tips on classroom arrangements. It is a good start for teachers who are looking into their classrooms for the first time. There are more variables than simply how to arrange desks, such as how often should you change arrangements, how personal should you make your classroom, and safety and coding considerations. I found this source particularly useful as it does not focus on desk arrangements; I think that too many first time educators are concerned with this when there are other things to take into consideration. I might come up with the grandest scheme for my classroom, but it will change once I see the resources I have at my disposal. Most schools have limited furniture and space available, or materials that are not move-able. These affect classroom management, and must be taken into consideration. The second resource is useful as it outlines other materials beyond furniture that are conducive to good classroom management, as well as tips for arrangements. These resources allowed me to meet my goals and learn more about how classroom arrangement affects class management.



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