Week 6 – Student Engagement

Learning Goal: To learn how to create and implement interesting activities that will enhance student engagement.

Link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/287597126179614191/

Specific Resource:

#6 Plan Collaborative Lessons

Carefully planned collaborative lessons involve allocating responsibilities to individual students and holding them accountable within their grouping. If you are working in the early years you may wish to begin with simple partner work.

An example could be the creation of a 4 seasons poster. Each student within a group of 4 would be allocated a season to research. Students could then share their findings and discuss and create a “jigsaw” style poster (consisting of 4 jigsaw pieces) which showcases each of the 4 seasons.


This week I chose to find ways to complement an engagement activity that I would like to create myself. I chose this resource to accomplish this task because it provided excellent ways to complement any activities. It reminds new teachers that wait time is important in enhancing student engagement and that collaboration is an excellent way to engage students. With this resource and the resource from week three I thought that an activity where students are actively involved (i.e., moving around) would be an excellent way to engage all the students. One idea would be a math centered activity where students would have to collaborate with their peers to accomplish a task. The task could be real-life applicable and thus further engage the students. Learning is easier when students are having fun completing the task whether that means there’s a competition with a reward at the end for finishing the task, or if the task itself shows where students would use the particular skill in the real-world. To become a better teacher I would further find ways to increase retention after completing a certain activity and having them have the ability to apply the skill in different situations.



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