Week 6 – Classroom Management

Goals: Explore how positive reinforcement and student encouragement is useful for classroom management. Look for ways to be encouraging, what you should and should not say to students.

Links: http://teaching.berkeley.edu/encouraging-student-participation



Specific Information:

The first resource lists things to consider when trying to encourage participation in the classroom. It gives examples of things a teacher can do in order to bring about a classroom environment that encourages active, positive discussion and to create an atmosphere where students feel safe and confident to learn and be themselves. The second resource gives advice to teachers on how to behave in order to encourage students: don’t make all the decisions, don’t play guess what’s in my head, talk less, model behaviours and attitudes, ask for feedback, test less, encourage goal setting and reflection, don’t over plan, focus on learning over work, and organize student led conferences.


The resources for this week are similar in their content, but are both useful for teachers who want to create an environment where students feel safe and comfortable. It encourages teachers to foster an environment where students are active participants and have control over their learning. I found these resources to be useful as once the tips are put into action they take considerable pressure off of educators. If you have a classroom of students who are participating and enthusiastic, you have fewer classroom management problems to deal with. Positive reinforcement is a good way to curb issues in the classroom, as it shows students that their good behaviour produced positive results for them. The resources meet the goals of this week successfully.



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