Week 4 – Classroom Management

Learning Goals: To explore different types of disciplinary practices. To explore restorative practices as a method of classroom management and discipline. To explore the pros and cons of punishment in the classroom.

Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vJTl7Dt60k


Specific Information:

The video outlines the Restorative Method of discipline in the classroom. The method promotes inclusiveness, relationship-building, and problem solving that bring offenders and victims together to solve the roots of the problem instead of assigning blame and punishment. The web resource explores different styles of positive disciplinary methods.


The video is a useful source for new and experienced teachers as it deals with a relatively new concept in classroom discipline. The restorative method combines punishment with resources that allow perpetrators of negative behaviour to understand the consequences of their actions and gives them the resources to solve their problems instead of simply being punished. It is a good source for teachers who are tired of seeing repeat behaviour followed by arbitrary punishments. In my experience, as both an educator and a student, doling out punishments to problem students does very little to solve the underlying issues. They take their punishments but learn nothing from the experience. The restorative method allows them to see the damage they cause, learn the skills necessary to make better choices, and to attempt to resolve the issues they are facing. After all, as educators we want to create lifelong learners out of our students, and this method gives them the tools to continue their learning outside the classroom. The other resource for this week covers the weaknesses that new teachers may face, such as what principals expect, what students expect, and ways to reduce stress. It has many links to outside resources that are useful to educators that can be explored.



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