Week 3 – Instructional Strategies

Goal: The goal is to learn instructional strategies that incorporates the online resource(s), creating a new and more diverse lesson plan.

Resource: www.teachertube.com

What Is TeacherTube?

Like Youtube, TeacherTube allows teachers to post videos online that are accessible to the public. These videos vary from advice on teaching to creating lesson plans to assessment ideas to popular worldwide stories that can be incorporated into lessons and more. Videos are posted under pen names and available for public viewing, targeted at other teachers.

Why is TeacherTube Useful?

TeacherTube is a useful website for teachers for various reasons. New teachers can use the posted videos as ideas and help for preparing their own classroom and lessons should they find themselves in need of help. Teachers can even use the videos in their own classroom (giving credit to the one who created and posted the video) as examples for assignments and help with lessons if they find their students are having a difficult time grasping the subject matter. This website can also be used by teachers in a flipped learning setting or just as a resource in which they video their lessons or test/exam reviews or anything else and then post the videos on the site for students to access later on if needed.



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