Week 3 – Classroom Technology

Learning Goals

Goal One: To find ways to integrate technology and facilitate participation of information sharing through the curriculum to improve student achievement.

Goal Two: Learn, use, and take advantage of instructional technologies as devices of teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Goal Three: To develop a list of resources to provide each student with a challenging and relevant learning environment as a way to better help each child learn at their own pace.

Goal Four: To learn to use and take advantage of technology for the communication between teachers and other professionals in order to share resources.

Resource One: www.facebook.com/technologyclassroom/

hali thing

hali thinga

Reasons Behind My Resources

The first resource, a social media site called “Technology in the Classroom,” provides teachers with the latest information on cool tools for the classroom, internet safety, and digital skills for teachers and kids. By using the resources supplied on a frequent basis, one can work towards all four goals listed above: provides links to the best collaboration apps and further ideas, makes suggestions and what to try when teaching certain subjects or theories such as critical thinking/problem solving, is a continuous source of new information and never-ending resources and interaction with other professionals using the same material, and can assist with finding apps that allow students of all capabilities and educational levels to learn and enjoy. Unlike other resources, this Facebook page provides useful resources towards all four goals.

The Helpfulness of the Above Resource

Through “Technology in the Classroom” on Facebook, a teacher is able to collect resources for lesson plans, technology-based activities/tests, and recent news. By doing so, this resource is helping complete the goals:

  • Of intergrating information sharing by reveiewing the resources on products such as google doc, twitter, etc
  • Learning to use and take advantage of technologies as devices of teaching by using the resources that they provide for apps for ipdas that focus on learning by grade or by subject.
  • The degree of varying apps, both games and strictly educational, allow for a wide range of intelligence to provide a challenging and high level learning environment for all students.
  • Through commenting and posting, Teachers are able to express their concerns, comments, or interests in order to get feedback from other teachers or professionals and share resources.



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