Week 3 – Classroom Management

Learning Goals: Identifying behavioural issues in the classroom and how to deal with them.

Links: https://www.teachervision.com/classroom-management/teaching-methods-and-management/26200.html


Specific Information:

Students in the classroom behave in all sorts of ways, both positive and negative. Some of the common negative behaviours that teachers face in the classroom are: classroom distractions, antagonizing authority, argumentative students, constant misbehaviour, attention seeking students, calling out, the class clown, demanding students, failure to ask for help, hyperactivity, lack of motivation, lack of respect, negative responses to rules. The second resource has a chart of classroom issues and suggested solutions, such as students leaving class too frequently, spacing out, poor hygiene, monopolizing discussions, inappropriate comments and sexual innuendo, and more.


This resource is really useful as it helps to identify the different negative behaviours in a classroom. While a teacher will likely not face each of these problems on a daily basis, they will certainly encounter them all in their career lifetimes. It can be stressful to deal with students who behave negatively in the classroom, but knowing how to deal with them before situations get too far out of hand is necessary. The resource offers advice from actual teachers, instead of just general or theoretical advice. It gives multiple pieces of advice for a variety of different behaviours. I personally found this resource useful for its variety. It encourages teachers to be active in the classroom and to engage with students instead of using fear or punishment. It focuses on developing a positive learning environment where students are free to express themselves and be their own person, while keeping the classroom safe and learning centered. The second resource is useful as it provides solutions to behaviours that negatively affect classroom management.



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