Week 2 – Student Engagement

Learning Goal: To grasp an understanding of how to engage students.

Link: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/differentiated-instruction-learner-interest-matters-john-mccarthy

Specific Information:
“Readiness + Interest = Engagement”

“Student interest in a topic holds so much power. When a topic connects to what students like to do, engagement deepens as they willingly spend time thinking, dialoging, and creating ideas in meaningful ways. Making learning contextual to real-world experiences is a key learning technique with differentiating for student interests”


This particular section of the article caught my eye because from my own personal experience, I have come to recognize that when students are interested in the material being presented to them they are more interested and eager to participate and learn. I feel this article helped with my learning goal for this week because it is a good introduction as to why student engagement is so important when it comes to learning and that differentiated instruction is an important concept when it comes to engaging students. Not every student will learn the same or be engaged in the same way. All students are different and so as a teacher it is important to find ways to engage all the students in the classroom. Teachers have a difficult job in finding a way to make subject material exciting and interesting for thirty different kids. To become a better teacher, I strongly believe that I should continue to find resources and different strategies on how to engage all students. This skill will be important especially in grades seven to ten because students do not have many choices in the subjects they must take and so it is even more likely that as a teacher I will encounter many students who are not interested in the subject that I am teaching them.



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